I rather like striped socks, even the self-striping yarns like Opal and Regia which are a bit like mixing watercolors - one never knows what is going to happen in the process. But, I don't particularly care for fancy stitches in the self-patterning yarns as all that extra work and concentration most often is lost to the eye. Still, sometimes the right stitch can enhance a multi-color stripe. Take for example this now-discontinued Sock Garden yarn from Knitpicks. You'll notice three distinctly different stitches and look how different they are. The straight stitch on the bottom of the foot, the slip-stitch on the heel, and the remarkably different twisted baby cable, which has a completely unique affect.

The inside of the heel, on the purl side of the flap, is even more interesting. This is a texture that would look handsome on the entire cuff, and inspires some creative design ideas for future projects. That stitch might even show up with the leftover yarn in the form of pulse warmers, perhaps lined in a solid-color velvet. I can see it as contrasting trim on a vest, too, can't you?


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