Kitty Knits

What's that, Queen Mum? Is there anything in there for us? Is it fun?

Why yes, my sweet little ones. We have mice and other fun things for you. Just watch while we knit these clever little creatures all in one piece, starting from the tail, working our way to the bobble ears, and on to the tip of the nose. Too clever, simply too, and each mouse takes less than an hour!

And fuzzy balls filled with roving and catnip for my good little mousers.

Now what's on the needles? A paw for the clever door hanger. It was so much easier to increase stitches switching to a smaller needle for two rows.

And here it is, with a face even the Queen Mum couldn't love! Ah, well, the next one will have whiskers to rival Hercule Poirot!

But the final test is for the kitties to determine. Bentley immediately falls in love with his new toy. Some cats are so gratifying to their people, and he surely is one such darling. Do you suppose his recent neutering experience has something to do with his fondness for balls?

What about Beamer? He's not so sure about it all. But give him a chance....

Mama Cat thinks she might want to see what this is all about. Beamer says, "Paws off, Big Mama, it's my toy!"

Did he just say what I thought I heard him say? These young kids have no respect.

Porsche thinks there may be way too much fuss over all this wool.

Little Miss Aloof is not going to be bothered by any silly old mice made of mere yarn.

Oh-ho! But just wait until everyone's back is turned. Some cats have their fun on the sly.

What about the Royal Felidore? Shouldn't he have something new and fun, too? Perhaps a nice hat with very special ears to keep his head warm in a brisk wind.

Look how extremely pleased he is. Don't you wish you had a nice cat-hat, too?

But of course you do. You can wear it so many different ways.
I think it would be rather more handsome with a tail attached to the back. The Royal Felidore thinks so, too. Can you tell by that excited look on his face? It makes the Queen of Socks want to snap up her needles and knit up another one without even so much as a pause.


All that fun was compliments of Donna Druchunas and her book Kitty Knits: Projects For Cats and Their People. Thanks to her and her knitting buddies for helping us make these wonderful treats. Of course, we're not finished with all the many projects in the book. Next will be a few felted cat beds, a lovely alpaca throw, and a pair of those clever socks with a kitty face border on the cuffs. But, the felted mice will always be our faves. The book is worth it just for that pattern. To get your own copy, click here, and be sure to follow the rest of Donna's blog book tour for more excited kitties and their new toys. You can visit Donna at Sheep To Shawl for the tour schedule. We enjoyed our visit with you, Donna. And we love our mice!

I'm only a cat,
and we'll get along fine...
As long as you know
I'm not yours...
you're all mine!
~Author Unknown
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