The car club

Edsel, Beamer, and Bentley. Where's Porsche? We better go find her. There she is on the Katman's back!

Believe it or not, these are all out of the same litter. They couldn't be more different in looks and personality!


My oldest cat, Buddy, at the top. He's over 20 years old. In the center, Gingko and little Ming. Last is Sweet Annie in her usual pose. She's part Japanese Bobtail, and frequently sleeps this way. She exhibits another Bobtail characteristic - singing.

Meet Sassafras and pals

You'll notice that the kitties you meet seem to have themed names, and indeed most do. Sassafras, and his brother, Gingko Biloba came from the same litter. Here's Sass, the handsome dude, and a few of his pals.


Socks for the Royal Gardener

These are knit in Opal's Hundertwasser and the colorway is perfect for a gardening sort of person. The socks are great inside of a pair of Crocs, and even if your feet get wet, they'll stay warm because wool is that way.

Hubby doesn't like posing for pictures and this photo pretty much says it all as he prances through the offices after posing a few seconds too long by his standards. Har!

Hey, you want new socks, you model them for the Queen's sock blog. It's the rule!


Finally some socks for me!

These out of Trekking knit up in a baby cable. When I saw the photo, I thought I'd goofed and knit K2 P2 on the foot of one sock, but it turns out I had one sock on inside-out. Whew!


The models

A few pictures of knitted gift recipients. I was very surprised that the kids were as pleased as they were. One niece was really thrilled down to her soles. I didn't expect that. Considering that a pair of socks takes, on average, twenty hours to knit - well, it was very gratifying!


Christmas loot

All the frantic knitting is done! Here are pictures of a few of the gifts I made.

Knucks for various friends and family members - the first two are made using the Fetching pattern from knitty.com.

Here's a shot of various pairs of knucks and wool socks for nieces and nephews. All of them were pretty thrilled, which was rather heartwarming. We always worry, don't we, that the gift will be a dud? So disheartening after all those hours of work. I have to say that the knucks were lifesavers in getting the projects done by Christmas Eve. They only take about six hours to knit up compared to around twenty hours for the socks.