Sock Hiatus

I haven't been working much on socks the past two weeks. It all started with this Yarn Harlot scarf pattern, which I couldn't wear because it had a touch of mohair that was quite itchy. So I'm using it instead as a runner on my little Victorian writing desk. But, I loved the pattern so much, I thought I'd try to figure out how to knit it in the round for a sock cuff. That project fell by the wayside when, on a visit to my hometown, I decided my little nephew needed a nice wool scarf. So upon returning home and with that thought in mind, this lovely bowl of yarn called out to me.

The lush Kelly green knit up beautifully into a long, luxurious muffler; long enough, in fact to sew up some snuggle-y pockets on the ends. But, before I could get that done, I received the latest issue of Knitters Review with the pattern for a simple lace scarf, and so I grabbed the pink Beaverslide yarn from the bowl, and knit away on that! I just finished it today. Now that I've gotten scarf-knitting out of my system, I'm again moodling how to get that lovely Yarn Harlot pattern onto the cuff of a sock.... maybe using the blue Beaverslide mule-spun worsted.

I knit the lace scarf in two parts, having come to the realization that one end would differ from the other if I didn't start each side from the bottom, then join them somehow in the middle. Thanks to a tip from Faith at Flashbang Fibers , I kitchener-stitched the ends together at the back of the neck with a bit of straight stitch between the two. It worked well-enough. I'll let it relax a bit before blocking. I'm not sure when I'll get a chance to wear it. Now that I'm finished, we're due for fifty-degree temperatures again! I can wear wool socks for much of the year, but anything wool around my neck when it's not freezing-cold outside gives me an instant hot flash. Curious thing, that.