Stars and Stripes

At the risk of having you seeing stars with yet another picture of the same ol' stripes, I'm going to post a few more shots. I'm really enjoying knitting with this yarn, and part of the reason is that I can actually see the stitches. You see, I have cataracts so dark solids are a bit of a problem for me. Then today at the Socknitters Forum, someone mentioned teaching, and it occurred to me that this type of stripey yarn is a marvelous teaching aid. The student can clearly see each stitch. It's a whiz counting rows.

And will you look at the stitch definition here, where I'm picking up gusset stitches? Each stitch is a different color. I had the worst time with this part of the sock when I first learned to knit them, perhaps because I was using a gray tweed. This yarn would have been so much easier to learn on. There's something for all the teachers to consider.

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