Wheel of Time

Quite a bit of time it took to assemble; not days, but certainly more than half an hour. Even deducting for beers and breaks, it took a good deal longer. But here it is, all lovely and assembled, and for the cost, I must say it works like a charm. The only little complaint is a persistent tendency for the left treadle to clack after continued use. We haven't quite figured that out yet. Today, it got a treatment with stain to integrate the various woods used in the construction of the wheel.

It didn't take long to use up the small bits of roving I had purchased at the class, so the next step in the adventure is to find sources for yummy wool to spin. I love the yarns from Beaverslide Drygoods, so of course, wanted to try their rovings as well. They also have organic wool quilt batts for a very reasonable price, and I love supporting a small wool grower. Here's the box that came in the mail, with a real-life prop for size comparison. Those are some big balls!

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