Knitting twitty

Part of why I haven't gotten too far into my Christmas socks is because of the spinning lure. Also knitting up the small remnants of "twitty yarn" that we all make during the learning phase. We were talking about tea cozies on the Socknitters forum today, which reminded me of one that I morphed from a lace scarf I started, then realized I wouldn't have enough yarn. The handle opening was a save, but you can see that the spout only barely fits through an eyelet. After I joined the handle opening, I picked up stitches and knit the top in the round, eyeballing the shape and left an opening for the knob. It turned out okay, and the end-result is definitely more useable than the fingerless gloves from another batch of homespun which turned out to be a little scratchy.

And here, the first fingerless glove ever, but surely not the last since I had the brilliant insight yesterday that these gloves are about as much knitting as a sock cuff. This could prove to be most useful when I run out of time to make all those socks for Christmas. My new plan is to knit boys socks first, and see how far along things come over the next month. Then I'll bail myself out by knitting gloves for the nieces who'll adore me for being so totally kewl!

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