A Day of Madness

Still no luck trying to add comments to the blog even though I changed the template and had to recreate all the royal colors I so carefully chose the first time. It must be something in the air.

I then started a new pair of socks, and we know, don't we, that when we go to pull the yarn out of the center pull ball ..... and half the yarn pops out in one bunch and we have to wind it up around itself ..... well, it might just be a portend of things to come, mightn't it? Growl.

And then when we cast on this new cable pattern we are testing for Anni Design, and discover after just a few inches that we've grossly erred.... now look at this, will you, please? The left cable clearly is missing the cable to the back, the middle cable has two cable stitches to the front on top of each other, and I think the right cable is correct and looks the way the designer intended. Clearly this was meant to be a frogging exercise. And based on the appearance, I think I'll change yarns for the next go. I don't think I'm in love with the light blue for this pattern. Good thing I'm more a process knitter than an end product person, else I'd be a bit frustrated at this point. Notice the cable needle. It's the smallest I have, but it seems a bit unwieldy and too thick for this Opal yarn knit on size 1 needles. I'll have to try another tactic there, too.

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