Knitting and writing

Here's how my spot at the dining table has looked most of the month. The SIP changes, the coffee cup, and maybe the tablecloth. I've been trying to stay focused on National Novel Writing Month, so the basic set-up doesn't move. The knitting helps me with imagineering, the coffee is for my muses (yes, I have two and both are java fiends), and the Alphasmart is my constant companion. I can write an entire book on three double A batteries. So how is it going? I'm on schedule with Christmas socks. I'm 24,000 words behind on the book. I have until the last day of November to cough up a total of 50,000 words. I wonder how many stitches a sock has. And I wonder why I'm writing at the dinner table instead of in my office where I have a desk. Not that I have a choice about it. The muses are in control of that.


Put a Sock in it said...

There are 16,532 stitches in the pair of Whitby socks I've just finished. :)

©Hotbutton Press said...

So, four or five pair of socks amounts to a novel. Why does it seem so much less daunting looking at it that way?? ;D