Tangible Love

I don’t always like giving my knitting away, because few people really realize the amount of time involved in creating a silly pair of socks. Twenty hours for me on average. I’ve thought about adding a little note-card that reads, “20 Hours of Handknit Love” to go along with a gift, especially to my relatives. Would that be too tacky, do you think? To point out how much time I’ve just spent on them? Yes, I suppose it would, especially since I’d knit anyway, whether as a gift for them or not.

And then there are the pals who DO appreciate a hand-made gift, and who are exquisite gift givers themselves. These are the people who get gifts like these from me. Where the entire assemblage becomes a project, like staging a play. One looks for the perfect box, and the extra little trinket to tuck in with the gift, and of course, one uses a leaf or two of tissue to declare how special the gift… and the recipient. Then one imagines with a little twinge of joy, the delight when the gift is opened. That’s half the fun.

Whether you wear your knitting or give it away, anything handknit is tangible love. ~ Bruce Hallmark

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