Another book comment

I've had every book I can find out of the library about spinning. I have to tell you that my favorite so far is Teach Yourself Visually - Handspinning by Judith MacKenzie McCuin. I'm so impressed, I think I'll take a peek at the Knitting book just to look at their hand exercises.
I won't buy either book. I'm becoming more and more concerned about the environmental impact of all the glossy photos, and though I like to support the arts & crafts as well as artists and writers, I'm trying to add to my own collection books that meet my standards. I can't always, but I can try to minimize the number of books I buy that fall into the questionable category. Sometimes that means passing up a lush book simply because I already have too many that were printed in China and took thousands of miles of non-renewable energy to land on my shelf. It ain't easy, but every little bit makes a difference and you have to walk your talk, even if it's little steps. So to the library it is when I need to take a second peek at this one. Ask your library to get a copy, too.

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