Socks for Inez

I've been working on a pair of green striped socks for my friend, Inez Stannert. Inez is not a real person. She's the heroine in the Silver Rush Victorian mystery novels by writing pal, Ann Parker. It took quite a little while to find some green stripey yarn, and this is the new Felici by KnitPicks in the Arugula colorway. It's a lovely, soft 100% merino that's knitting up nicely.

But, I am rather disillusioned by the tangling from the center of the ball, and I even had this obnoxious knot in one!

I'm also a little unhappy that the yarn in the two balls didn't begin at the same point in the pattern. I tried to match them up and clearly failed despite my efforts. These little irritations seem to be a regular occurrence with KnitPicks yarns, and my major complaint with them. Ordinarily, unmatched stripes don't bother me - I think they're rather quirky and stylin'. But, these socks are for a Victorian Lady, and though she's hardly prim and proper, I don't believe she'd wear mismatched socks! I mean.... what would the Reverend say??