Long live the Queen!

And, indeed, I am alive even after being away all these many months. Who ever in the world would have guessed that cataract surgery would include such a long recovery. Well, lucky me. Snort! I actually eased back into knitting quite early on, but the computer work took a little bit longer. My eyes still tire more easily than before the surgery, so I have to limit my time knitting, reading, and typing, especially on the computer screen. And truth be told, my knitting has been relatively boring. I'm just throwing yarn mostly for the sake of it, and not trying any fancy moves. Dropping stitches is easy, but picking them up is a real challenge still, so I'm sticking to straightforward works. I'll get some photos posted soon, too. Especially that big box of Christmas yarn from WEBS. Oooo-la-la. Now that was a treat to open.

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