Something about the new year must bring out the housekeeper in everyone, because I've read numerous posts about cleaning out stashes and reviewing incomplete projects... just in the last day or so. That prompted me to do the same, and I was happy to discover some unfinished projects I had no interest in frogging. Included were these two socks, totally utilitarian but nice enough, and luckily with the pattern details on a slip of paper tucked in each sock. So, I'll finish those off in a hurry; hubby and I will each have a new pair of woolens for our peds before the month is over. I am a bit concerned about the dark blue ones for him. They seem a tad loose, and alas, they're superwash so not much chance of fulling them a little. Unless I try boiling them in a pot of water. I've wanted to give that a go for some time, and this is a low-risk pair so I think I'll try it and report back. I want to find a way to abolish the superwash characteristic if I want to.